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For George W. Bush‘s Sake

For George W. Bush‘s Sake

Dear Mr. President,
first of all I have to apologize for my very basic pidgin; worse, some people say my terrific english is similar to yours. Second, I feel in my deepest heart myself engaged, to write you a letter, which all cultivated and intelligent Europeans will only underline.

When I heard, that maybe a quarter of the adult Americans will still vote a so-called John F. Kerry, I was so up-gorged until upon. I cannot believe that the glory, the messianic Americans would give her voice to the impostor man Kerry and therefore they give up their lives.

I cannot believe because the Americans have a man on their top, who is from the stuff our dreams are made of – they have you, Mr. President. You know always how the hare runs, you speak over god and the world in this situation – unfortunately it seems that you know god at best. But your illuminations about the villain-states on this earth let me fall from all clouds. On the other hand the nasty felt-louse Kerry is too idiotically or lies all day long if he declares that those states don‘t exist. He is a guerillero in the neadle-strip and murmurs always: anything you can think I can think better. More shall he not need in the coming elections. You, Mr. President, know exactly that this man is a very filthy character, his mind and his business are dark and his pathes are interlaced. If on november 2nd the Americans are so mainly disturbed and throw their vote away to that baboon Kerry, in the whole world the bear will be loose and the chimney out.

Can you imagine, what an earthquake will let shivering our planet, if the nothing-worthy democrates will rule god‘s own country? For an example let us try a little bit to difference the two parties.

The members of the republics, the grand old party, are whether sweet, friendly, the whole mankind loving, little chikadees or all imposantly great before-thinkers from whom you are the most gigantic one, you are the ideal idol. The democrates, on the other worst hand, are rabble.

They are a dirty and very muddy ratpack. Whatever they say and they do has a taste of very mouldy crackers. Their first fiddle is an insidiously damaged character. All his public speeches have the significance of a scrap of paper. This since too many years over-estimated rascal, is without any conscience going on to ruin the American youth. He stands on the deepest unamerican point that our country has to see and to hear the neglecting minds of other people and nations – he is even catched by the deadly error the Americans can quite a little bit learn from them.

When I heard about that I was stick-sour because this fatal failure is able to up-thumble the whole next generation of crazy-made Americans.

This awful guy Kerry is one of those, you, Mr. President, would never mention, even when the water stands you until the throat, because you are a real diplomatic grandmaster. But, lets face it, this dangerous bravado is a sonof abitch.
Kerry grumbles always that the American nation can‘t rule the world with weapons only. He discriminates your brave enthusiasm to invest billions of dollars into weapons, that let your civils sleep better, because they know that only these highly needed guns and tanks and shadow-jets and rackets are able to prevent the U.S.A. to be attacked and demolished and devastated and finally distinguished from our earth. That shows us with a horrible clearness that Kerry is nothing but a little-checkered capitalist. He puts the blank money unless higher that the existance of the highest developed state in our time.

You, Mr. President, have never in all your favoured lifetime thought so. God‘s voice told you every time directly, that a life of a human being is a thousand times worthier than all the money in the world. You are the hero, who spends proud und selfless all the money you did not have anymore, for the survival of your civils. May they have less to work and less to eat and nearby nothing to buy medicaments, may eventually ten percent of the population are only able to live in mobile vans, may the same amount stay analhabetical, may a few poor ones get poorer – nevertheless they live! And it can‘t be denied that there is an enourmous part of people, who become richer and richer. Fortunately they are your most true friends.

Your enemies are the terrorists in every loop-hole on earth. The Bin-Ladens and the big-Bang Gangs in the Arabian world, which is crammed full with bombist, suicidists, fatalists and nihilists. And to all disgust they are all moslems. You were the first man, who recognized that and although you let go grace before right, you told them unmistakeably all terrorists can you cross-wise. You know that the American way of life is the one and only hope for mankind. You know your historical and espacially cultural knowledge is our light, who leeds from darkness to future.

The best Euopeans wish that America will not be ruled by a man, who means, what he says, except by you, Mr. President.

Sincerely Yours
Reinhard Tramontana