Platter ermittelt

Innenminister Günther Platter besprach vergangene Woche mit FBI-Direktor Robert Swan Mueller jüngste Erfolge und so.

Mueller: So, how did you get the bloody bastard then?
Platter: Oooh, this was very difficult, I can tell you – „CSI“ praktisch nothing against it. We were looking … and looking … and looking …
Mueller: And looking as well, I bet.
Platter: Yes, very right. You know, se problem
was that he was praktisch running through Vienna with a sign around his …, umman Hols holt, where stand: Danger! I am a terrorist!
Mueller: Ah. Must have been an extremely tough investigation then.
Platter: Na sicher! Because, se police must sink, he is it not, because he says, he is. Because otherwise, he would ja be as stupid as an empty plasticsack.
Mueller: I see. That’s a tricky situation. How did you get out of this dilemma?
Platter: Well, after looking … and looking … and
looking … our special force found out, that he is as
stupid as an empty plasticsack.
Mueller: Who would have thought that! Good job.
Platter: And then we had him by the eggs, you know?
Mueller: Do you maybe have any questions about our work? Our tactics?
Platter: Well, if you ask me so … eigentlich no.
Mueller: Oh. I see.
Platter: Yes. And beside work – what do you do so,
wenn der Tag lang isch?
Mueller: I’m sorry?
Platter: Well, a hobby or so. Do you have a hobby? I collect stamps. And you?
Mueller: Well, I read a lot. Books on forensics and
profiling an so on.
Platter: Read?
Mueller: Yes.
Platter: Interesting.