Mr. Jarvis, is Europe too mean to Google?

Jeff Jarvis interviewed by Ingrid Brodnig

profil-Medienredakteurin Ingrid Brodnig im Gespräch mit Journalismusprofessor Jeff Jarvis über die Frage, ob Europa härter gegen Internetkonzerne wie Google vorgehen muss oder bereits zu innovationsfeindlich ist.

Here is the whole conversation with Jeff Jarvis. I enjoyed the talk very much, even though we did not agree on everything - or perhaps: especially because we did not agree on everything.

Since Jeff Jarvis and I spoke for more than an hour, I could only publish an excerpt of the whole conversation in our print issue. For those of you interested in the whole interview, here is our hour-long conversation about Google, Facebook and Eurotechnopanic.

Ingrid Brodnig

Read the print version of the interview here (in German)